Daoufys Transit @2014 Tous Droits Réservés
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A forwarding agent is a person or entity who achieves for others, of the customs formalities referring to the declaration in detail imported or exported goods. 

On the level of the importation, the role of Daoufys Transit consists of the realization of the following operations:
Formalities of taking out of bond, transit and handling in the harbour or airport enclosures and extra-harbour stores under customs standardized or deprived.
Removal, carriage and delivery of the goods to the customers.
Personalized Management of the accounts of the economic customs systems For the air traffic, your arrivals are delivered as soon as possible which follow the shrinking     of the fold-portfolio. For the sea traffic, your goods are cleared and delivered as soon as possible after their provision. 

Thanks to the preceding experiments. We put   all works about it to satisfy the customer requirements and to transport the intact goods and in time.

As a forwarding agent in customs, we have competence to carry out for others the customs formalities and are regarded as debtor of the rights and taxes and penally person in charge for the infringements detected in a declaration.

We are auxiliaries of the Administration of the Customs subjected to a regulation aiming at safeguarding at the same time the interests of the Administration like those of the owners of the goods. 

The operations of import and export are registered on data-processing repertories distinct according to the model approved by the Administration of the Customs and Indirect Taxes from the kingdom of Morocco.

Any forwarding agent in customs is subjected to the authority of the room of discipline and is held to pour an annual contribution to him. 
In the field of export, Daoufys Transit fulfills the following essential missions:
- Reservation of freight (air or maritime). 
- Removal of the goods near the customers for routing at the points of loading (port or airport).
- Formalities of recording, taking out of bond and handling in the offices of the customs.
- Assistance with the customers for followed, the management and the auditing of their accounts of temporary admissions.