Daoufys Transit @2014 Tous Droits Réservés
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Our department mobilizes for you the whole of the infrastructures of the services and trades.

For your provisioning or forwardings in all points of the sphere: a local know-how in each destination and control of international flows of goods.

Following a long experiment of informant in customs, we ensure for our customers all the operations of taking out of bond:
• In source and bound for all countries.
• For all the licit products.

This choice of control of the equipment, for us and our partners, is a guarantee for our customers: to profit from the best times and the best quality of service, with each stage of the voyage of your goods.
In particular, in the significant stages which are the departure and the arrival of those.
You can always count on our services:
• Grouping/deblocking of goods
• Ocean freights or air
• Treatment of complete containers of all formats
•  National and international lawful Competences
• Data processing departments overmeasure, personalized, 24/24h

Parcel delivery integrated
also Benefit from our privative surfaces of storage, true auxiliary stocks to allow you to optimize your own commercial surfaces, your volumes or your periodicities of provisioning. A service adapted perfectly to the times of carriage of international goods.

Under all the modes:
Release to the market, exports simple or temporary, special modes. (transit, temporary admission, active and passive improvements, bond-stores)
• Installation and management of the procedures of taking out of bond in residence, procedures of simplified taking out of bond.
• Ask of all the documents: Licences, authorizations, visas near the foreign authorities. All documents necessary following an operation of customs, (in particular as regards sensitive products). Complete treatment of files of the           regulated or sensitive products.
• Relationship to the other administrations: Indirect taxation, Guarantee of the noble metals, veterinary Service, Service plant health, Police force.
• Declaration of Exchange of Goods (Introductions and Intracommunity Forwardings of goods).