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We assure you under the optimal conditions this provision of services.  The carriage of goods is essential to ensure what one calls the first and the last kilometers. I.e., for example, brought or sent the goods imported or exported of a point of taking out of bond towards the recipient or the contrary case. 

We can advise the importers or the local exporters of the various structures of payment available by dealing with the international companies.
We offer information and the options available and implied risks and advise which structure could better adapt to you and with your customer.

Our team of professionals have years of experiment which treated a range of industries and markets international. 
It in this spirit that the teams of DAOUFYS TRANSIT mobilize all their expertises around the following means of transport, or is only combined:
   • By Sea o By Air
   • Rail/Route Some is your branch of industry, we convey for you your goods by one of these means, in a perfectly integrated way.
In all the cases, you have one interlocutor:
     who deals with your request,
     who proposes the best time and the best price to you,
     who undertakes to follow from beginning to end the voyage of your goods.

To accompany you, DAOUFYS TRANSIT brings all the solutions to you to measure and takes account of your requirements while being based on its various know-how:
     Packing, handling and carriage of goods except gauge.
     Freighting of ships or planes.
     Transport of travelling materials.
     Operations of conventional freight.
     Open containers signal and Flat Rack, with or without going beyond.
     Local services: unloading, taking out of bond and delivery on site.