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The word of president : MR .ELMOSTAFA DHINA

By respecting all our engagements, we created the company of TRANSIT, transport and of the most reliable logistics which is, thus we gained the confidence of many customers of Prestige in particular the MINORSO, Of which we became the Forwarding agent Approved in Morocco, we have thus more than to double our CA lasting the last exercise.
A team of professional dedicated, who always places human dimension in the foreground, the excellence of our human resources carries us towards objectives increasingly more ambitious. To be closer to you, to inform you of the progress report of your files in real time.

DAOUFYS TRANSIT: More than one forwarding agent, an adviser and a partner with your with dimensions

A the importation we offer our services since the launching of your orders until the effective delivery of good while placing by the administrative treatment and especially customs officer of your files.

We thus bring all our expertise and our dynamism in this field to you in order to satisfy you durably. With export to allow you to be competitive, we have a team able in record time to place at the disposal of your external partners your products.

We treat all types of sendings (conventional, personalized container, grouped container) and we help you to put the goods in the customs systems which you sied.

Beside the transit we intervene in other fields the consignment, handling and freight in collaboration with affiliated partners specialized in their respective field.  Small or great project, regular forwardings or not; you will profit from an excellent service and keen prices.

Our Speed, our Proximity and our Effectiveness are with your range.  We are proud of what we achieved to date, the best remainder to come, our promise with you it is your total satisfaction.

Actor and witness of long date of the deep changes of a world in permanent change, DAOUFYS TRANSIT always got busy with determination to maintain in the real time a working tool goshawks of the trades of the TRANSIT of TRANSPORT AND LOGISTICS powerful and reliable.

As you know it the forwarding agent is the architect of transport, the agent of voyage of your goods, the essential
coordinator of all the administrative and commercial operations relating to the international circulation of the goods.
universalization increased with the exponential development of trade. What is noted by the importance of flows of import and export.

A service of transit of proximity and speed, Around teams qualified, available, stable and interdependent and conscious of the economic stakes of each one, DAOUFYS TRANSIT wants to be to be the partner responsible and powerful with the service of those whose legitimate waitings must be taken into account and be completed.
In this spirit, our COMPANY, has as an ambition to be an active working tool so that starting from a listening attentive and essential to the good knowledge of the requirements of each one, we determine the policy jointly to set up to bring the service adapted by taking into account your specificities